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Durban > Activities > See the Jumma Mosque

See The Jumma Mosque

See the Jumma Mosque
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Man, all this cultural exchange. It's the new age of suposed spiritual enlightenment.Everyone running around with their Bibles,their Jehovans Witness books,their Torahs or just some crazy [but beautiful] spiritual handbook.It's always interesting to take part in some kind of a ritual, sometimes those are the things that quiten and bring peace to an otherwise cluttered mind...you know, a few moments out of your day to, just be...a kind of meditation if you will. The feeling of taking part in something of the utmost significance to a large group of people. An interesting,learning experience [not for the closed minded] You get to go and imbrace and take part in something different. The latin word for religion means ,'to bring people together', and thats how I think it should be,to connect with loads of people.It's a great thing.

One place to aquire a new 'religious' experience is the Jumma Mosque which is situated in the most vibrating region to the west of city centre. It is held by many to be the largest and most beautiful mosque in the southern hemisphere. Mosque's are known to have distinctive architecture and this Mosque does definately not fall short. It is definately a cultural highlight and is the oldest in the country.

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